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ders or oils to increase health benefits. Juices are like shakes; you can beef them up as you like. One to two scoops of protein powder a few drops of fish oil, flaxseed oil or cod liver oil will give your juice an energy boost and an added helping of omega-3 fatty acid s.1 Choose your tea. For gongfu-style brewing, you will be using either a black, pu-erh or oolong tea. If you choose to use gaiwan, you may use black, pu-erh, oolong, green or white. 2 Add your loose tea to the Yixing pot or gaiwan. For white tea, use a gaiwan and fill super audio books it half full of tea leaves. For green tea, use a gaiwan and fill it one quarter full of tea leaves. For oolong tea, use a Yixing pot or gaiwan and fill the loose tea leaves to one third to one half of the brewing vessel. For black tea, use a Yixing pot or gaiwan and fil Projet Familles Parisiennes l it one quarter full of tea leaves. For pu-erh tea, fill either the Yixing pot or gaiwan one third full of loose tea leaves. 3 Boil ho .

emperature in a water kettle. Use a thermometer to confirm the temperature: 180F for white, green and green oolong teas, 190F for oolon g teas, 212F for black and pu-erh teas. 5 Pour water into either the gaiwan or the Yixing pot. Let steep for 30 seconds. 6 Decant the t ea into the pouring vessel. 7 Add more water to the gaiwan or the Yixing pot and add 5 seconds for each subsequent steep. Decant and st eep as needed until you have enough tea to serve. 8 Pour tea from the serving vessel into your guests' cups first and hand them to your Carb Lovers Diet guests. 9 Pour tea for yourself and enjoy.Kernel Types Popcorn kernels come in several varieties. In addition to white and yellow, cor n can also be red, blue, black or even multicolored. However, white and yellow are the types most commonly found in stores, with yellow Projet Familles Parisiennes being more widely available than white. Color All types of kernels are a shade of white inside, so even when their popped they all loo .

pop into tender, mushroom-shaped popcorn. The kernels themselves vary in shape also. Yellow kernels are round, while white kernels are shaped more like rice. Taste Yellow kernels tend to retain a slight corn taste, while white popcorn is subtly sweet.Vitamin C Bok choy is rich in vitamin C, containing 44 mg per serving. Vitamin C is vital to healthy immune and digestive systems. Beta-carotene Bok choy is high in beta-carotene and calcium, especially compared to other kinds of cabbage. Folic Acid Bok choy is a good source of folic aci free templates pretty d, also called folate, or vitamin B9, essential to digestive and cardiovascular health. Bok choy contains 69 mcg of folate per serving. Fat Bok choy contains virtually no fat, with only 0.3 g per one cooked cup, in the form of polyunsaturated fat. One serving has only 2 Projet Familles Parisiennes 0 calories and 3 g carbohydrates. Other Minerals Bok choy contains 58 mg of sodium, 158 mg of calcium, and 631 mg of potassium per serv .

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